S.S Screw

Stainless steel screws are used in various applications to hold metallic and non-metallic components together. The SS Screw Price List in India can vary from the grade of the material and from the capacity of the seller.

Spike Nails is a larger manufacturer & supplier of all kinds of stainless steel fasteners and therefore our pricing is very competitive. Our production includes the Flat Head Stainless Steel Screws which are used in applications with even surfaces.

There are also other types such as the Pan Head Stainless Steel Screws and the Truss Head Stainless Steel Screws which are used in different application requirements.

The Stainless Steel Screws are made from different material grades such as the 410 and other stainless steel specifications. Our Stainless Steel Flange Head Screws have an additional surface at the end of the screw for better fastening. The SS Button Head Screws can fix with the surface of a component without producing much friction on the surface. There are different shapes and types. We also produce the SS Dome Head Screws.

As one of the leading SS Screw manufacturers we provide our customers with custom made solutions as well. You can have a look at our Stainless Steel Screw Size Chart and contact us for further details on our products.

Spike Nails is one of the oldest manufacturers & exporters of high integrity Thread Cutting Screw (e.g. Lag screw, Metric Screws, SS Screws) and others.



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