Panel Pin (Wooden Nails)

Braid nails and finish nails are both used in carpentry, air compressor-operated nails are operated on the surface of wood materials using guns. Most of the times, Brad’s nails are often called finishes nails or finishing nails because their shapes are not really different from actual finishing nails. Brad nails are usually used in trim carpentry, where carpenters work on doors, casing or molding; Finnish nails are used in a Finnish or detail carpentry, such as cabinets and storage on wood containers. This is because most of Brad Nails are Flat heads that can be seen on wood, while in the Finnish nails there are such head which are difficult to pay attention and they can only be painted to mix. The finished nails are generally more firmly operated so that their heads are submerged or submerged in order to hide them. opinion. Brad nails are used to fix the wood or to keep the two pieces together and the glue between the pieces can be removed carefully after drying. Finish the nails, due to being “headless”, only used as the final nail, which operates on wide carpentry work

Factory direct sale, the price is cheaper, the quality is more assured.

Concrete nails with special material are specialty nails compared to normal iron nails.

It is difficult, the leg is generally smaller and thick and has excellent peak and fixing strength. With these features, make nails and fasteners perfect for solid nail firms and strong sites. The normal diameter size for galvanized concrete nail 1.7 nails is 5.0 mm and the length of the nail goes from


  • Material: High quality low carbon steel Q195 / Q215 / Q235
  • Finished: Bright finacle / Electro Galvanized /  Hot Dipped Galvanized / Stainless Steel 304 & Bris finals / Copper
  • Shank: Nail Head / Shank / Point (Please refer to any other word attachment for details)
  • Size Chart: 

Packaging Box:

  • External factors such as air and moisture today cause the recharge of nails in the best pack nails available in the markets.
  • We have ensured “air tight packaging”, which ensures the safety of nails from the atmosphere so that the fight can be prevented.
  • We are welcome to order either boxes or pouches for different sizes of packaging solutions according to the requirements of customers.

Packing Size:

  • 250 GM
  • 500 GM
  • 1 KG
  • 2.5 KG

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